CS For All

The national Computer Science for All movement that works to enable all students in grades K-12 to achieve CS literacy as an integral part of their educational experience.

What is CSforAll?

Computer Science for All is a bold new initiative to empower all students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science and be equipped with the computational thinking skills they need to be creators in the digital economy, not just consumers, and to be active citizens in our technology-driven world. Our economy is rapidly shifting, and both educators and business leaders are increasingly recognizing that computer science (CS) is a “new basic” skill necessary for economic opportunity and social mobility.

What is the CSforAll Consortium?

The CSforAll Consortium is a national organization formed in response to the growing CS education community, the broadly bipartisan support for computer science, and the President’s call to action to provide every student with access to CS. Led by CSNYC and a steering committee of ACM, Code.org, The College Board, CSTA, and NCWIT, and with a membership of more than 180 organizations, the CSforAll Consortium will connect states, districts, and schools with CS education curriculum and implementation partners, funders, and researchers. The CSforAll Consortium website provides searchable access to resources and the means to discover and contact relevant partners, and tracks the impact of CSforAll initiatives across the country.

The CSforAll Consortium website, csforall.org, will serve as a hub for families, schools, and districts looking for resources that match their needs, including content by grade level and target audience. The site will help connect members of the national CS education community, provide an avenue for disseminating their work, and track our collective progress toward the goal of giving every student a meaningful opportunity to learn CS.